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Inflatable Movie Screens

Cuddle up with friends and family to watch a movie, TV series or watch your favorite sports team play hockey, football, soccer or have your friends over for the UFC fight. You can even hook up a game box of choice to play your video games on a giant screen! We currently have 3 different inflatable movie screens available. We have a 12ft, 14ft and 21ft option available.

Movie Screen Combo

includes inflatable movie screen, projector, and Bluetooth speaker/karaoke machine.

from $150-$250

depending on size of screen.

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Pop up Movie Screen

Nothing brings everyone together like a backyard movie night with a big screen, and all of your favorite films! Enjoy some backyard or indoor fun with this pop up movie screen. 100 inches

Movie Screen Combo

includes pop up movie screen, projector, and Bluetooth speaker/karaoke machine. 

from $125

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