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*Once we've confirmed your rental we do require a deposit to save your date.*


Bottle Toss

Extremely popular Carnival classic!

The Bottle Ring Toss is a game of accuracy.

Players must toss rings; the winner is the one whose ring lands on the bottle.

Simple but addicting game, your guests won't be able to get enough of this classic game!!


from $10


Soccer Darts

Combined with the fun of darts, take your soccer skills to a whole new level.

Kick one of the Velcro balls onto the huge dart board, and challenge your friends to a competition. Comes with 3 velcro balls.

  • Outlets: Requires one (1) 15amp electrical outlet (within 100') and comes with 1 blower


from $100


Scatter Ball

Scatter ball is like a vertical pinball machine. Challenge yourself to the twists and turns in the Scatter ball Machine. This is fun for all ages!


from $10


Chicken Smash

Chickens can fly - if you hit the launcher hard enough! This fun twist on the traditional frog flinger carnival game comes with rubber chickens, three pots, 1 launcher and a platform which can be used for three skill levels or prize levels.   


from $15


Rockin' Rollerball

Classic arcade rollerball action with automatic scoring & sounds. This game is so simple, it will keep the kids entertained for hours on end.


from $10


Magic Shot

For all those hockey fanatics – this one is for you! Using the mini stick and pucks each player must try to land a point in one of the 6 holes. Let's see how good of a hockey player you are! Do you have what it takes to get the puck into the hole worth the most points? 


from $10



Full Court Basketball


New Item!!

Our Full Court Basketball will be a slam dunk at any event. It's a truly interactive basketball game where 2 players compete one on one against each other. Promotes healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

16'L x 14'W x 17' H


from $200


Giant Slingshot

Our Giant Slingshot is easy for anyone to use and can provide hours of fun. Launch balls at the large netted targets to collect points or better yet be creative and launch water balloons at your friends on a hot summer day!


from $15


Jumbo Jenga

Our Giant Jenga game is a larger version of the famous indoor game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch it stack up.


from $10


Washer Toss

Dial up the fun and take turns tossing washers at the opposing teams target boards. Great for all ages and skill sets.


 from $10


Ring toss

Step right up and challenge your friends and family to a friendly competition today with our ring tossing match. This classic tossing game is sure to be a hit in the backyard, the beach and everywhere in between.

from $10


Mini Soccer Field

Challenge your family & friends in our mini soccer field. Make it even more exciting by adding water to amp up the fun. Or better yet, make it even MORE fun by adding FOAM!!!

  • Outlets: Requires one (1) 15amp electrical outlet (within 100') and comes with 1 blower


from $150

(without foam)


(with foam)


Bean Bag Toss

The perfect party game with minimal set up. This fun and easy game of Bean Bag Toss is a great game for your next BBQ or company picnic. Two players at a time or teams of two take turns tossing bean bags at the opponents boards. Try to throw the bean bag through the hole (3 points) or land them on the board (1 point) and the first team to 21 points wins!

 Comes with 2 bean bag toss boards


from $15



Golf Pong

For all the golf lovers, enjoy this classic game of beer pong with a twist. 

Just place your red solo cups in the holes provided and swing away.

  • 2 boards included


from $30



Axe Throwing

 Our Axe throwing game provides a fun way to play with excitement and competition that never has to end. This game provides unlimited outdoor or indoor enjoyment for the whole family.


from $20



Fish Pond

Who can catch the most fish? 

Keep the kids entertained for hours with this inflatable fish pond, This pond comes loaded with 30 colorful floating fish & sea creatures that you need to catch with a magnetic rod. 

  • Outlets: Requires one (1) 15amp electrical outlet (within 100') and comes with 1 blower


from $100



Carnival Tent


New Item!!

4 different carnival games are mounted inside one carnival tent for challenging and fun games for all.

12'L x 22'W x 12'H


from $350


Soccer/Football Field

Our inflatable soccer/football field is the perfect item to keep your kids, neighbors, friends and family playing for hours. Enjoy the sun while the kids perfect their skills in this inflatable field.

  •  Outlets: Requires one (1) 15amp electrical outlet (within 100') and comes with 1 blower


from $75


Tic Tac Toe/ 4 in a Row

Who doesn't love a classic game of Tic Tac Toe? With the added bonus of also getting the chance to compete with your friends to see who can get 4 in a row first. This dual sided inflatable game board is fun for all ages. 

  • Outlets: Requires one (1) 15amp electrical outlet (within 100') and comes with 1 blower


from $100


Giant Connect 4

This Giant Connect 4 brings back the excitement you had as a child in a much larger way. This exciting game can be played indoors and outside. This game will be a sure hit at your next outdoor party, corporate outing, school fair, or at the cottage.

(2 Available)


from $40


All Star Basketball

Practice your skills on our inflatable basketball game. Fun for all ages.

Comes with 3 small basketballs.

  • Outlets: Requires one (1) 15amp electrical outlet (within 100') and comes with 1 blower


from $100

Screenshot_20231118_092300_Chrome (1).jpg


Dual Shot Basketball

 This Dual Shot Basketball game is fun and addictive. This classic arcade game has an electronic scoreboard and realistic sounds.

  • No power required- Battery operated.


from $70


Giant Tumble Tower

Who said adults can't play games? Be the life of the party with this Giant Tumbling Tower. It is perfect for tailgating, BBQs, camping, outdoor events, and much more! This Giant Tumbling Tower comes with fifty-six 7.5" x 2.5" x 1.5" timbers. It also comes with a carrying case for easy portability. Have yourself a literal Block Party!


from $20


Kiddie Striker

Test your strength with our Giraffe kiddie striker, a miniature version of the classic high striker. School carnivals and family events will love this activity.


from $50



Putting Greens

Add something unique and fun to your next promotion or event by renting our mini putt putting greens. Who doesn't love some competitive fun? 

14 pcs Available



*Prices vary depending on how many pieces you'd like*


Pro Pitch Baseball

(Frame Game)

Our Pro Pitch Baseball frame game is a hit at any sporting event, fundraiser, or carnival. Try your luck at pitching a perfect ball into the catchers glove.

*7' x 7', with medal frame and legs.*


from $60


Pro Kick Soccer

(Frame Game)

Our Pro Kick Soccer frame game is a winner at any sporting event, fundraiser, carnival or party. Try you luck and getting the ball past the goalie and into the net.

*7' x 7', with medal frame and legs.*


from $60


Pro Shot Hockey

(Frame Game)

Our Pro Shot Hockey frame game is a challenging game that's a great fit at any sporting event, fundraiser, or carnival. Try your luck at shooting the ball into any one of the 3 openings.

*7' x 7', with medal frame and legs.*


from $60


Pro Pass Football

(Frame Game)

Our Pro Pass Football frame game is sure to be a huge hit at any sporting event, fundraiser, or carnival. Try your luck at tossing the football into the players hands.

*7' x 7', with medal frame and legs.*


from $60


Pro Glide UFO

(Frame Game)

Our Pro Glide UFO frame game will be fun for any event, fundraiser, carnival or backyard party. Try you luck and getting the frisbees into any of the 3 openings.

*7' x 7', with medal frame and legs.*


from $60



5 in 1 Sports

Our 5 in 1 World of Sports has a game for everyone to play!

Choose from these popular sports activities: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Dart/Frisbee.

Encourage team spirit and friendly competition as they play their favorite games simultaneously.


from $180


Grand Slam

This game is fun for kids and adults of all ages. 

Hit the floating baseball into one of the holes for points!


from $100


Frog Hop

Engage your guests in the frog hop carnival game. Player uses the mallet to launch a frog towards the lily pad. If your frog lands on a lily pad, you win! Your guests will have a blast launching frogs with the carnival classic.

from $15


Air Racer

2 Players race each other by moving their cones from side to side with just the air tubes in a race to have their floating ball land in their basket.


from $150


Splash Tower

Beat the heat and get soaked with our Splash Tower. The perfect addition to any event such as backyard parties, school events, block parties, fundraisers and more!


from $40




A portion of the selected Game rentals will be Donated to the

Shine Through the Rain Foundation

We at Magical Events believe that everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts. We've decided to give back to the community that has given so much to us by donating a portion of select  game rentals to this amazing foundation, Shine Through the Rain. Shine Through The Rain does many things but all in the service of one goal. That goal is to help those who are affected by life threatening illnesses. Whether it’s through services or funds, they provide guidance, support, and financial aid to those in need. They help adults, children, and families find the silver lining. When things seem gloomy and you’re being rained on, Shine Through the Rain is there to help you shine through it. If you'd like to know more about Shine Through the Rain, you can check out their links below.

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