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Our Plinko carnival game is simple yet addicting and your guests won't get enough of it. Players attempt to drop coins down the Plinko platform.




Quack Attack

Quack Attack is a game where players toss bean bags at rubber duck targets.

( No ducks are injured in this game )




Penalty Shot

Are you a hockey fan? Try our Penalty Shot carnival game. Players try to slide the mini puck down the playing surface to try and bank it off of the elastic cord and slide into the goal area.




Potty Toss

Try our Potty Toss carnival game! Players attempt to toss objects into the toilet. The winner is determined by how many items land in the toilet hole.




Ring of Fire

Challenge yourself  with our Ring of Fire carnival game! The player is given a table tennis ball and attempts to use the game catapult to propel the ball through the ring of fire and into the barrel.




No Brainer

Hit the target on our No Brainer carnival game! The player must toss the wiffle balls into the catchers glove to win!




The Bomb

Test your football throwing skills with The Bomb carnival game! Go for the long ball or a short pass, as long as you get it in the goal, you win!




Can Smash

Game attendant stacks the tin cans in a pyramid fashion on a platform inside the game unit. The player is given 3 bean bags and must knock all the cans over to win.



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